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Finding a job shouldn’t feel like a chore. You don’t need to subject yourself to frustrating jargon-filled searches and time-consuming trawls through buzzwords to find a tempting position.

At Jobspotting, we know that achieving your next career level-up should be an exhilarating step and we want to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Our newly developed recommendations engine learns about your skills and who you’re aiming to be. Using a unique skills graph and semantics analysis we suggest jobs to help you get there.

The idea of a linear ‘career path’ has taken a bit of a detour, and we’re here to facilitate that journey.

The Jobspotting manifesto

We believe that the time of the linear career path is over.

We believe that finding a new job should be an exciting journey.

We believe that there is an extraordinary amount of talent and unrealised potential.

We believe that you can and should have a job that challenges and inspires you.

We believe that focusing on your personal happiness will benefit companies too.

We believe that careers are too multi-faceted to be narrowed down into search terms.

We believe that work is global and that you are not tied to your current location.

We believe in informing your decisions through knowledge and data.

We believe that work is not the opposite of play. The opposite of play is boredom.


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