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CAS AG is a well-established software provider and service provider. Headquarters are located in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Currently, Software Development, Data Analysis, and Financial Data Analysis are frequently searched for professions at CAS AG. They recruit for offices in Madrid, Barcelona and 2 other locations. There are currently 37 job offers at CAS AG in our database, such as "It Production Tools Engineer - Bmc Addm Atrium" and "Analistas / Programadores Frontend".

Some more web resources for you: Google Plus and Twitter provide a lot of useful specific information about CAS AG. Make sure to read through before applying. Before applying, have a look at their company website to be well prepared for an upcoming interview.


Karlsruhe, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Bochum, Germany
Madrid, Spain
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MadridMicrosoft Visual Studio.Net
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MadridSystem IntegrationData ArchitectureOutsourcing
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MadridAutomatic Database Diagnostic MonitorProduction ToolsSystem Administration
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MadridBackend DevelopmentProgramming LanguageCSS
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BarcelonaFinanceCOBOLClient–Server Model
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MadridBackend DevelopmentCSSBookselling
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BarcelonaVoice over IPProductivityDns
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MadridData analysisProgrammerBusiness Objects
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MadridjQueryC#Data analysis
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MadridConsultancyMicrosoft SharePoint.Net
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MadridJava EEProgrammerJpa
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BarcelonaJava EEProgrammerData analysis
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MadridJava EEData analysisProgrammer
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MadridComputing PlatformsWildFlyApache Tomcat
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Balearic IslandsHelp DeskTeam BuildingTechnician
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