Jobspotting Terms of Use

Last reviewed: May 24, 2018

1. Scope of Application

1.1 The following terms of use apply to the platform Jobspotting at of SmartRecruiters GmbH (formerly Jobspotting GmbH), Winsstraße 62 / 63, 10405 Berlin (hereinafter “Jobspotting”).
1.2 These terms of use in tandem with our Privacy Policy regulate the use of Jobspotting through the website as well as via mobile applications.
1.3 Jobspotting allows you to search for classified job advertisements. These are filtered and classified according to your preferences and requirements. Using our meta-search engine, we show you job offers that match your specifications on other websites, along with job ads published by our clients on Jobspotting. Jobspotting also informs you of suitable positions via email. By creating a user account on Jobspotting you have the ability to apply directly to potential employers through Jobspotting. This Jobspotting service is free for you to use.

2. User account

2.1 You can set up a user account on Jobspotting. Through this user account, you can save individual job advertisements and follow potential employers.
Additionally, you may apply directly to selected positions through Jobspotting by uploading your application documents and releasing them for forwarding. Jobspotting then sends the application directly to the employer that posted the job advertisement. In addition, Jobspotting notifies you about potential job vacancies.
2.2 You can create a user account by entering an email address and choosing a password through the input screen. Jobspotting then sends an email to the email address that you provided. The email includes a link to confirm your email address.
Alternatively, you can create your user account by logging in to your Facebook, LinkedIn, XING, or Google profile. The relationship between you and these social networks is regulated exclusively by their respective terms of use.
2.3 You are obliged to keep the password for your user account safe and secret. You are also required to notify Jobspotting immediately should you notice any unauthorised usage of your user account. You are solely responsible for all activity in your user account.

3. Content and Usage Rights

3.1 You are required to provide correct and complete information in your user account, and to only upload content to Jobspotting to which you have the rights.
3.2 By uploading content to your user account, you grant Jobspotting a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free, global license for use.
3.3 You agree not to use the user account:

4. Contract Termination

4.1 You may cancel your user account at any time with immediate effect. To do so, you may send an email to [email protected] or write to the address provided in 1 above. Such a notification of cancellation terminates your contract with us.
4.2 Jobspotting may terminate your contract with immediate effect if you violate these terms of use, if Jobspotting is legally required to do so, or if you object to the validity of new terms and conditions.
4.3 Jobspotting may also terminate the contract at any time with a notice period of one month without giving reasons.
4.4 Jobspotting has the right to change, restrict, or terminate the service at any time, or to block access for certain countries.

5. Links

Jobspotting contains links to third-party services over which Jobspotting has no influence. Jobspotting is not responsible for the content, data protection regulations, or activities of third-party services.

6. Warranty disclaimer

Jobspotting assumes no warranty or guarantee for the provision of the platform and its services.

7. Limitation of liability

7.1 The liability of Jobspotting is limited as follows: Jobspotting is only liable for damages in cases where the cause of the damage is based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by Jobspotting, one of its legal representatives, or vicarious agents.
7.2 Jobspotting is liable for damages caused by slightly negligent breaches of essential obligations where the violation jeopardises the fulfillment of the contractual purpose, or for neglecting duties which are necessary for proper implementation of the contract to which the user regularly complies.
7.3 The above limitations on liability do not apply in cases of injury to life, body, and health due to a defect following the assumption of a guarantee on the nature of the products and services, or in the case of fraudulently concealed defects.

8. Modifications to these Terms of Use

Jobspotting reserves the right to change these Terms of Use. Jobspotting will notify users of any changes to these Terms of Use. Jobspotting will advise you at least two weeks in advance of any update to these Terms of Use. If you do not object to the new conditions within two weeks of receipt of the notification, you agree to the validity of these new Terms of Use. Jobspotting will once again point out in the notification that you have the possibility to oppose to the new terms, outline the time-limit for opposition, and the meaning or the consequences of omission of protest.

9. Applicable Law

The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply to all legal relations between you and Jobspotting.
However, this does not apply if you are deprived of protection by mandatory legal provisions of the country in which you are normally resident.

10. How to contact us?

If you have any further queries, please send us an email to: [email protected]